If you are using a Clear Results Home Drug Test to test yourself, the test requires the user to follow a few simple instructions to ensure the test will be accurate.

Read the insert page of instructions before taking the test. Click here for instructional insert. Ensure you have a watch handy to time the test. Make sure your hands are clean prior to taking the test. We suggest that you use the urine sample before drinking anything to ensure that it is the most concentrated. Leave the test alone while it is working to ensure that nothing is disturbed. Peel back the label for your results after 5 minutes. Avoid taking any over the counter medications and/or prescription drugs when you are about to take the test. It is possible that such medications and/or drugs can alter the results.


If you are supporting another adult, or your child through the Clear Results Home Drug Test process, please read the following:

Give the Clear Results Home Drug Test cup to the other individual. We suggest you hold the test lid during the testing process until the sample is fully collected. Have a conversation with the individual taking the test and decide if you will stay in the bathroom with them, or if you will remain in the hallway with the door open. Have the individual pass you the cup once they have put the urine sample in it. Do not wait. Immediately put the test lid on the cup and secure it. Once the test lid is secured THE TEST IS BEGINNING. Keep the test in sight during the testing time and only after it is completed and you have read for the result can you leave the test. Should you read a Preliminary Positive Result we suggest that you contact your healthcare professional or doctor to follow up. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, you must ensure that the urine sample provided has not been altered in any way.

The following can alter a urine sample:
Common cleaning products and liquids can be used to tamper with a urine sample. Be sure that hands are washed BEFORE the test is taken to ensure that such products or liquids are not rubbed into the test cup before the collection.