Ecstasy is a non prescription drug (aka MDMA) which is BOTH a stimulant and a hallucinogenic drug. A drug very common in the night club and rave scene, individuals who use Ecstasy describe having an extreme high, feeling very happy, heightened senses, and often a lot of energy. It is a white powder that is pressed into pills (pastel coloured) that are often marked with symbols. Ecstasy is highly addictive and due to the intensity of the high, can be very dangerous to the body and the brain.


X, E, or XTC, Adam, Beans, Candy, Dancing Shoes, Disco Biscuits, Doves, E-bomb,
Egg Rolls, Happy Pill, Hug Drug, Love Drug, Malcolm, Molly, Scooby Snacks, Smartees
Sweets, Skittles, Thizz, Vitamin E, Vitamin X, Vowels.


An individual who is using Ecstasy will show symptoms of being apart from reality. They will often lose their sense of time, perception will decrease and they can show signs of being excessively happy regardless of the social setting they are in.


An individual who is in withdrawal from Ecstasy can exhibit signs of anxiety, depression, problems sleeping, confusion, stomach issues such as nausea, changes in appetite and ongoing hallucinations. It is important to note that the withdrawal symptoms have been reported by many users of the drug to go on for a number of weeks.