Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs that are often referred to as psychotropic medications which adversely affect a persons central nervous system. It is common for these drugs to be prescribed to manage anxiety, sleep disorders, and seizures. When the drug is abused it can result in a feeling of being high. In contrast, it can also be used to manage withdrawal from stimulant drugs.


Benzos, BZDs, Stupefy, Tranx, Qual, Heavenly Blues, Valley Girl, Goofballs, Moggies,
Candy, Z Bars, Sleepers, School Bus, Dead Flower Powers.


An individual who is taking benzodiazepines (rohypnol) most often look "spaced out" or seem to be drunk. Some individuals will even look like they are in a trance. Higher doses of the drug will result in the individual appearing severely drunk or acting without reservation.


An individual who is in withdrawal from Benzodiazepines will show signs of anxiety. Depending on how long the individual has been taking the drug or how long they have been attempting to stop it, they may have sleep issues, gastrointestinal issues and if the drug is not stopped over a period of time, severe hyperactivity and seizures may result.