If you have a loved one in your family who is struggling with drug addiction, you can play an important role in helping them get (and stay) clean. Regardless of where your family member is at, keep in mind that recovery is never out of reach, but it is a very difficult thing to go at it alone. With the right treatment and support, your loved one can experience positive change and recover from their drug addition. Below are a few places to start if you noticed someone in your family is in need of help.


• Drug Free Kids Canada
• Xperiment.ca
• Teen Challenge


It is important to know the facts about drugs and drug testing even if you trust your child. It is known that many children, often very good children, make bad choices when it comes to experimenting with drugs. Whether it is curiosity, peer pressure, or another reason, the reality is that a lot of children try drugs. Clear Results Home Drug Test offers you a confidential, fast, and accurate way to test your child in the comfort of your own home.

Before you are about to test your child, we suggest:

• Don’t offer your child any warning that you are about to test them.
• Test the morning urine. Morning urine is usually the most concentrated.
• Keep the door of the bathroom open while the chid is urinating in the cup. Make sure that the cup is handed directly to you.
• Since you are performing the test for your child, put the lid on yourself and keep it in your line of sight during the testing time.

Be sure to remember that if you show a Preliminary Positive Result, we suggest you reach out to your healthcare provider or doctor to set up a formal testing for your child.