Barbiturates are prescription drugs that are often referred to as hypnotic depressants which adversely affect a persons central nervous system. The higher the dose the higher the risk of addiction. People who use Barbiturates are affected physically and mentally by the drugs. Most commonly these drugs are used to treat headaches, migraines and epilepsy. There are also unique risks for adults in their later years, pregnant women and babies.


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An individual who is using Barbiturates may show some of the most common symptoms of jumbled speech, breathing issues, extreme fatigue, sense of disorientation, and dilated pupils. It is not uncommon to hear that people will misinterpret a person who is high on Barbiturates as someone who is drunk. Longer term use can result in chronic fatigue, and chronic breathing issues.


An individual who is in withdrawal from Barbiturate use may experience challenges sleeping, trouble breathing, show signs or agitation and even experience hallucinations. Withdrawal from Barbiturates is not something to be taken lightly and can be accompanied with severe anxiety, respiratory challenges, depression.