There is help available for drug addiction for you or for a loved one that is struggling. Rehab, therapy and support groups are common ways that individuals get the help they need. It is no easy task to beat an addiction and we suggest not trying to do so alone. In fact, it is shown that trying to beat an addiction on your own has a very low chance of success. Due to the complex natureĀ of addiction individuals should seek medical help to end a drug habit for good.

Whether a drug is taken for recreational or prescription purposes, dopamine levels in the brain increase. The result is a sense of euphoria that becomes something the body wants to experience again and again. With repeated use these euphoric feelings begin to feel like basic survival needs for the brain. What this means is that the sensation of a high gets lost with the repetition and an individual finds themselves addicted and needing the drug to function in a regular manner.

When trying to recover from addiction, support is vital. Going it alone is difficult and discouraged. Instead, it is important to build a support network who will not judge, but encourage and help you along the path to recovery. No two people are the same and so it is not necessary to have the same types of support people involved. Whether it is family members, friends, support group members, healthcare professionals, doctors, therapists, counsellors, pharmacists or someone else important to you, the more people in place to help the higher the likelihood of permanently ending a drug habit.