Methamphetamine (aka Meth) is a non prescription drug that is extremely addictive. This stimulant has a direct adverse affect an individual's central nervous system. The result is often similar to adrenaline running through the body. Often manufactured from ingredients that can be found around the home, it is made in home based labs using ingredients such as battery acid and cleaning products including drain cleaner.


Crank, Crystal, Crystal Glass, Crystal Meth, Meth, Christina, Tina, Cris, Cristy, Ice, Speed, Geep, Geeter, Getgo, Go Fast, Poor Man’s Coke, Redneck Cocaine, Trash, Working Man’s Cocaine, Garbage, Wash.


An individual who is taking Methamphetamine will often exhibit a number of physical symptoms that are out of the ordinary. These include excessive energy, rapid speech, dry mouth, weight loss and dilated pupils. In addition, many individuals under the influence of Meth will see imaginary bugs and tend to scratch at their bodies to the point of tearing the skin and leaving sores.


An individual who is in withdrawal from Meth use will have the extreme opposite symptoms to the high from the drug. Such symptoms can include severely depleted energy levels, reduction of natural adrenaline, and extreme irritability.