Amphetamines are non-prescriptions drugs and are often referred to ask psychostimulants as they directly stimulate the central nervous system. They can be used to treat conditions like ADHD, depression, narcolepsy and obesity. These drugs can be come addictive when abused. Common reasons for abusing amphetamines include increasing stamina, energy, and even inducing a feeling of euphoria.

Typically, Amphetamines are used in pill form. They can also be crushed, snorted or smoked. The average user of Amphetamines will experience effects for 2 to 4 hours.




Bennie or Bennies, Amped or Ampes, Benz or Benzies, Cartwheels, Blue Mollies, Black Mollies, Speed, Jelly Beans, Super Jellies, Hearts, Uppers, Pick me ups, Footballs, Wake me ups, Wake ups, Get ups, Boot ups, Sparkles, Dexies or Dexy, Eye poppers, Eye openers, Lid Poppers, Lid openers, Oranges, Fast Lightening, Lightening.


An individual who is using Amphetamines may show or demonstrate any of the following: dilated pupils, rapid speech, restlessness, irritability, aggressiveness, changes in appetite (decreased hunger), unusual ability to concentrate and sense of euphoria.


An individual who is in withdrawal from Amphetamines may show or demonstrate any of the following: severe mood swings, changes in appetite (increased hunger), depression, nightmares, headaches and difficulty breathing.